Here at WaggyMamas Agility we offer a variety of different dog training classes to help you have the best possible relationship with your family pet.

Take a look at our class descriptions including Pet Obedience, Tricks Training and everyone’s favourite – Dog Agility.

Agility training combines mental stimulation with physical exercise in a way that’s both challenging and fun for you and your family pet.

From Chihuahuas to German Shepherds – as long as they’re fit and healthy, they can enjoy agility.

WaggyMamas only uses positive reward based training so it’s enjoyable for everyone, human and canine alike-

We never do agility on-lead.

At WaggyMamas Agility classes there is a focus on drive and motivation for your dog along with teaching excellent foundation skills. Our training is geared towards each dog-handler team being able to enter official agility competitions in the future. Even if you never wish to compete, there are a variety of reasons we believe Agility training should be done using the most up-to-date training methods.

Unfortunately, the industry of dog training is unregulated in Ireland. Agility is no exception to this. This means that anyone who wishes can buy a set of equipment and start selling Agility lessons, despite having little to no experience or success within this internationally recognised dog sport. Check out our ‘About Us’ page to see what qualifies our instructors to teach and always question the credentials of someone whom you are trusting with an aspect of your pets happiness and well being.

We are currently in the process of changing our training venue. If you have filled out a ‘contact us’ form on this site, you will be on our mailing list and as soon as we are set up and able to offer lessons again, we will be in touch via email. Thank you for your patience during this time.